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Seek help early!

5 October 2017

In the newly-released Hindi language edition of the award-winning DVD series “It’s Not a Disgrace, It’s Dementia”, carers and support workers emphasise the importance of seeking help at an early stage.

The aim of the new DVD is to raise community awareness, reduce stigma and dispel myths about dementia within the Hindi speaking community.

In the 24 minutes long video, family members and carers of people living with dementia as well as health and community professionals from the Hindi community talk about some causes of dementia and how it affects memory, behaviour and the brain.

“The people living with dementia and their carers and families who are in the video, we really appreciate them sharing and being so open about their stories”, said Susan McCarthy, Executive Director, Client Services at Alzheimer’s Australia, at the launch of the DVD at Multicultural NSW in Parramatta recently.

The DVD series is a joint project by Alzheimer’s Australia, Why Documentaries and the Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra (MCCI). The Hindi language edition is supported by the Department of Family and Community Services. We would also like to thank the Australian-Indian Aged Care Support Holistic Association (AASHA) and Sri Om Care for their help and support. 

“It’s really important that we all work together to increase the knowledge and understanding of dementia because we know that also reduces the stigma associated with it,” said Ms McCarthy.

The DVD is available also in Arabic, Assyrian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, Syrian, Cambodian, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese on Alzheimer's Australia's YouTube site.

There are 413,000 people living with dementia today in Australia. About one million Australians are predicted to have dementia by 2050.